IRT Overview

IRT has successfully remediated several hundred sites of varying complexity in a multitude of subsurface environments.  Each remediation project presents its own challenges and requires a thorough understanding of the contaminant and geologic conditions, as well as practical considerations such as access constraints and physical obstructions.  Whether you are addressing petroleum contamination at a service station or DNAPL plume at an industrial complex, IRT will select the most effective remedial approach from a technical and economic perspective.  IRT routinely handles sites impacted with the following contaminants:

  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds, including BTEX/MTBE)
  • Chlorinated Solvents (TCE, PCE, etc.)
  • SVOCs (semi-volatile organic compounds including PNAs)
  • herbicides
  • petroleum fuels
  • motor oils
  • kerosene
  • heating oils

The list below offers a sampling of the project sites BIOX® has successfully remediated:

  • Gasoline Stations
  • Petroleum Pipelines
  • Heating Oil Tanks
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Railroad Yards
  • Chemical Plants
  • Retail Facilities