Activated Carbon Injection: An Emerging Technology

CarbonOx Sample

The CarbonOx Technology utilizes the strong adsorption characteristics of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) to quickly capture (adsorb) and subsequently biodegrade a wide variety of organic contaminants.  IRT utilizes a proprietary gradation of PAC combined with macro nutrients and alternate electron acceptors. Additionally, IRT infuses the PAC with molecular oxygen during the on-site mixing process. The CarbonOx materials are mixed with locally obtained water to form a slurry (10% to 40% wt/wt) and then injected into the subsurface using specifically constructed injection wells, or more commonly, with direct push technology. Once the CarbonOx is injected into the contaminated media, it will quickly sequester (adsorb) the organic contaminants resulting in a rapid decrease in the observed organic contaminant concentrations.

The PAC manufacturing process results in a material that is extremely porous with a huge surface area; PAC can have a surface area of 500-2000 m2/g. This makes PAC an ideal substrate for colonization by indigenous microorganisms. Studies have demonstrated that indigenous heterotrophic microorganisms are present at sites where there are organic contaminants present. The indigenous microorganisms co-located on the PAC with the dissolved oxygen, macro nutrients, alternate electron acceptors and contaminants work to biodegrade the organic contaminants thereby freeing up additional space (re-activation) for adsorption of contaminants.

To view detailed bench test results from samples taken at an Atlanta, Georgia site, please click below:

CarbonOx Bench Test Results

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