About Us

With Innovative Remediation Technologies (IRT) you have access to an experienced, capable, and responsive team of engineers, geologists, chemists, and field technicians that is dedicated to its mission — making your remediation project a success.  From project evaluation and design through field application, we feel the effectiveness of our innovative approach is unmatched.

Formerly Biox Services, LLC, the IRT name reflects our expanded list of remediation services and technologies.  Since invention and development in 1997, the patented BIOX® Process (controlled In-Situ Chemical Oxidation,  with enhanced bioremediation technology) has been utilized to successfully remediate a wide variety of organic contaminants, including chlorinated solvents and other volatile organic compounds, as well as petroleum hydrocarbons at sites across the nation.  Throughout its history, Biox has provided one-stop turn-key In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, or ISCO, with enhanced bioremediation services at over 200 industrial, commercial, and retail sites, including pipeline releases, gasoline stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing plants, and rail yards.  BIOX® has been accepted by regulators and successfully implemented in 26 states across the United States.

IRT is currently utilizing and developing a variety of remediation technologies either as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with ISCO, including activated carbon, pressure pulse injection, and soil mixing, to more effectively achieve your remediation goals from both an economic and timing perspective.