The IRT Process

Site Evaluation

Innovative Remediation Technologies (IRT) works only with environmental consultants and engineers, and as such, will review your data to develop a cost-effective, site-specific approach to meet your remediation goals.

BIOX® Application

In the BIOX® process, the application is as important as the technology.  Since chemical oxidation requires the oxidizing agents to come into direct contact with the contaminants, utilizing a suitable in-situ delivery system is critical to the success of the project.  BIOX® delivers reagents into the subsurface via a closely spaced grid of injection points throughout the full lateral and vertical extent of contamination.

The BIOX® reagents are generally delivered into the subsurface with direct push technology (DPT).  Dependent upon site characteristics, we may utilize our patented Direct Injection Delivery (DID) high velocity fluid jetting system.  Our DID system is particularly effective at shallow depths or when treating contamination below buildings, or inside tank pits. Due to the less violent nature of the chemical reactions, BIOX® is safer to use along utility corridors and inside buildings.  In specific applications, BIOX® can also be applied as an overspray to underground tank excavations or in landfarming scenarios.

In order to maximize contact with the contaminants, IRT may relocate injection points from areas of lower contaminant concentration to areas of higher contaminant concentration based on the field observations of its experienced field staff.  The re-location of injection points is conducted in consultation with the environmental engineer/consultant who has developed the conceptual site model and is based on site geology, hydrogeology and the vertical and horizontal distribution of contaminants within the treatment zone.  This field-adjusted, customized approach results in a more focused injection campaign and increased BIOX® dosage in higher concentration areas, thereby maximizing contaminant destruction, and overall project success.