IRT Technologies


BIOX® is an innovative in-situ remediation technology that destroys most organic contaminants in a variety of geological settings at a base neutral pH and ambient groundwater temperatures.  The three-step process includes: 1) precise, site-specific placement of amendment fluids during a single injection, 2) controlled chemical oxidation that rapidly reduces contaminant concentrations on contact, and 3) enhanced bioremediation that is augmented by injection of macronutrients and maintained by slow- release/long-term in-situ generation of oxygen.  The BIOX® Process was deliberately engineered to combine the power and effectiveness of instantaneous chemical destruction and prolonged natural (enhanced) biodegradation processes.


The CarbonOx® technology combines the powerful oxidation qualities of BIOX® with the strong adsorption characteristics of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC).  IRT utilizes a proprietary gradation of PAC combined with BIOX® compounds as determined on a site-by-site basis.  The materials are mixed with site water to form a light slurry and injected into the subsurface using existing wells or direct push technology.  Once the CarbonOx® is injected into the contaminated media, it will quickly sequester (adsorb) and oxidize the organic contaminants, resulting in a rapid decrease in the observed organic contaminant concentrations.  Activated carbon provides an ideal surface for colonization by indigenous microorganisms, and BIOX® assists these microorganisms to degrade the organic contaminants, thus freeing up pore space (re-activation) for additional adsorption of contaminants.


At IRT, we believe the application is as important as the technology.  Since chemical oxidation requires the oxidizing agents to come into direct contact with the contaminants, utilizing a suitable in-situ delivery system is critical to the success of the project.  IRT delivers reagents into the subsurface utilizing our state of the art injection system operated by our highly-experienced field personnel.  Our patented Direct Injection Delivery (DID) high velocity fluid jetting system is particularly effective at shallow depths or when treating contaminations below buildings, or inside tank pits/dispense islands.

Pressure Pulse Technology

Licensed by Wavefront Technology Solutions USA Inc., Sidewinder is a field-proven enhanced-placement tool for injection of remedial fluids.  The Sidewinder uses lithology-specific pressure and pulse rates to dilate pore spaces and improve dispersion of injectates, and increases radius of influence.  This tool reduces chemical fingering and channeling, resulting in increased contact with contaminants.  Specific permeability zones can be targeted, enabling treatment of low permeability zones within a higher permeability environment.  The increased radius of influence and increased injection rates achieved with this technology improved injection efficiency and reduce project costs.

Soil Mixing

IRT provides in-situ soil mixing services utilizing a variety of technologies to remediate contaminated soils to a depth of approximately 16 feet.  Soil mixing is an effective method of remediating shallow soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated compounds, and heavy metals.  Upon completion of the soil mixing activities, the treated soils can be stabilized with fly ash or Portland cement to facilitate construction activities.