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Like Cat Noir, Lady Noir can use her staff efficiently, wielding it as a sword, being able to spin it at high speeds to form a shield, and taking advantage of its length-changing features. She is also great at giving advice to others when they need it. It allows her to negatively affect anything that she touches with her ring hand. The same rule also applies to Marinette if anyone discovered her identity, then she have to give up Tikki and the Ladybug Miraculous. Female ♀ Marinette is a half French (by her father's side) and half Chinese (by her mother's side) slender teenage girl of average height with medium-length black hair with blue reflections that is always seen tied back in two pigtails, bluebell colored eyes [62][63], light freckles on both sides and the bridge of her nose. Will it be to late once she figures it out. Ecco perché piace a tutti", "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir", "Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir", "Conocé la nueva serie que revolucionó la industria de la animación", "Miraculous Marinette, tutto sulla protagonista della serie preferita dai bambini", "Le créateur de "Miraculous" explique le succès de Ladybug, sa Fantômette métissée", "Miraculous - Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir", "Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (2/2)", "Le stade du PSG transformé en arène de combat dans un dessin animé de TF1", "Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (TF1) - Marinette, la plus parisienne des superhéroïnes", "Say "Oui" to 'Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir, "Miraculous – Le storie di Ladybug e Chat Noir, la seconda stagione in arrivo a maggio 2017", "Nickelodeon to Premiere 'Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir' This Sunday", "Miraculous Live Show, lo spettacolo di Ladybug arriva anche in Italia nel 2020", "Miraculous : Ladybug et Chat Noir entrent au Musée Grévin en présence de Lou Jean et Lenni-Kim", "Nickelodeon Schedules Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir in December", "PGS Secures New Deals for Zagtoon & Method Animation's 'LadyBug, "Miraculous Staffel 2: Wann kommt die neue Staffel? Marinette is a sweet, outgoing and joyful girl who loves fashion, her friends, family and Adrien Agreste (Marinette's crush) where Adrien describes her as honest, kind, fair and the type not to cheat. [59] Since then, Marinette becomes the new Guardian of the Miraculouses after Master Fu relinquishes his role as Guardian and passes it to her. chat noir kids pullover hoodies. Marinette has a crush on Chat Noir but tries to keep it hidden as LB. She always carries a bag that holds Tikki, her kwami, inside. She also managed to trick Cat Noir into believing she isn't Marinette. Discover (and save!) She also expresses jealousy whenever other girls such as Chloé or Lila Rossi flirt with Adrien, sometimes causing her to act irrationally, even abusing her powers as Ladybug to keep them away or forget to destransform in the first place. She is the third known person of French origins to wield the Ladybug Miraculous, succeeding her predecessors, She is also the second person of Chinese origins to wield the Ladybug, Cat, Dragon, and Fox Miraculouses succeeding her predecessors, She is also the second person of French origins to wield the Cat Miraculous temporarily succeeding. [47] Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media characterized Marinette as "patient" and "kind". Weapons: Ladybug and Cat Noir's goal is to protect Paris from the villain Hawk Moth. Becoming Cat Noir will give him the opportunity to have a taste of freedom and to put some fun into his life. [36] Caroline Gourdin of La Libre Belgique stated that Marinette's character is one of the main aspects of the series, adding that she can appeal to both girls and boys. She has good reflexes, being on par with Adrien despite fencing for the first time. In her regular life, Marinette is a sweet girl who’s a little awkward, but as Ladybug, she’s confident, witty, and totally kicks butt.Adrien is charming, but a little shy and reserved – but as Cat Noir, he’s wild, outgoing, and sometimes a little too over the top. Dragon Bug KeptMiraculous: The jewel is also given to her in "Catalyst" and in "Mayura". [2][4] Astruc did not know of the existence of a ladybug-related superhero and felt this character would be good. The clones are small, a lot smaller compared to the Kwamis. Les meilleures offres pour BANDAI ZAG HEROEZ MIRACULOUS MARINETTE LADYBUG ADRIEN CAT NOIR antibug LADY WIFI sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! Once Marinette accepts the role as Ladybug 100% she cuts her hair. This is probably because Mayura also aids Hawk Moth starting from Season 3, and they usually target Chloé and others if they become their alter egos, so Ladybug has to be very cautious while giving a Miraculous to a person. Overall, she is the eleventh person of Chinese origins to wield a miraculous. He introduces himself in a playful, flirty manner by kissing her hand and trying to show off his muscles. She often wears a light pink purse with a thin black strap over her right shoulder. 19 €99 16 €66 HT 29,99€ 24,99€ HT. [110] ComicsVerse writer Michele Kirichanskaya felt that the series "takes the time to address Marinette's heritage" in "a subtle and respectful manner", citing the "moments when she struggles with speaking Chinese" and has "cultural miscommunications with relatives". And I'm never doing that again. He said that when Vee "transforms into Ladybug, she gets to put on her confidence", stating that this is precisely what she emanates in the vocal booth. [11], Ladybug's costume was difficult to animate when it came to the show's original 2D version since it was red with black dots; the dots had to be in certain places and had to remain unmoved. Marinette notices Cat Noir leaping) Marinette: (scoots closer) You're so talented! [31] Ezra Weisz, the voice director of Miraculous, said that the staff in charge of the casting had wished Marinette to sound confident yet not excessively proud as a superhero, and they had wanted to find someone whose voice would be able to distinguish Marinette's civilian identity from her superhero self. Thanks to her confidence as Ladybug though, Marinette has gotten more calm and comfortable around Adrien as herself, as seen when she helps him get away from a swarm of fans and talks to him more fluently. [57][58] She is the leader of the French Miraculous superhero team. [11], Jeremy Zag, the president of the animation studio Zagtoon, described Marinette as "a fresh and modern girl character who is in line with kids' and teens' lives today". [75] Her increased strength allows her to do things such as using her yo-yo to pull a large robot onto the ground, as well as break Cat Noir's nearly unbreakable staff and an oyster's pearl using only her fingers. While it is usually used to destroy objects, it can be used for a variety of different effects. The yo-yo didn't exist; PV Ladybug fought using hand-to-hand combat. She is more cautious and careful than Cat Noir, sometimes needing to restrain or stop him from doing hasty acts seen in several episodes. [52][53] Marinette's superhero outfit derives from Tikki's appearance, resembling a ladybug. She usually wears her own creations and makes clothing for others. I just don't understand why you wanna use your power to hurt people. Adrien AgresteCat Noir (temporarily)[9]Luka Couffaine Near the end of the episode, when Adrien asks Marinette to sign Jagged Stone's new album, she is seen writing with her left hand. She is depicted as a French-Chinese teenage student who aspires to become a fashion designer and whose parents own a bakery. Certains parlent de couverture. [45] Marinette appears in the special episode set in New York City, and she will also be present in the special episode that takes place in Shanghai. Regarde l'épisode "Chat Noir vu par Marinette" et découvre ce que pense Marinette de Chat Noir. [36] She felt that "Marinette embodies the most" of both her ordinary and superhero lives "in a beautiful force of a character". [36][43] One day, when rushing toward school, Marinette notices an elderly man in danger and immediately saves him. Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Miraculous Ladybug und Cat Noir December 31, 2020 at 3:26 PM Ich wünsche euch allen ein gesundes neues Jahr ~ Marinette Dragon Bug wears a suit that possesses traits from both the Ladybug and Dragon Miraculouses in asymmetric disposition. Besides the powers she has as Ladybug, Dragon Bug possesses the powers of the Dragon Miraculous Superpower. ", "ZAG's Miraculous™ Ladybug Takes Flight This Christmas On Netflix", "Miraculous Ladybug, in arrivo lo speciale natalizio della serie tv", "Miraculous World: New York, les héros unis : trois choses à savoir sur la nouvelle aventure de Ladybug et Chat noir", "Disney Plus Snaps Up 'Miraculous' TV Movies From ZAG, ON Kids & Family (Exclusive)", "Miraculous Chibi : deux nouveaux épisodes inédits", "ZAG Announces Miraculous™ Ladybug YouTube Channel and Webisode Series! Ladybug Miraculous Similar to a real ladybug, she can climb up and walk on surfaces without her yo-yo. Marinette has a crush on Chat Noir but tries to keep it hidden as LB. Protecting Paris seems like something she should love, especially with her handsome partner Crimson by her side, but with the city fearful and untrusting of Lady Noire’s destructive powers the stress slowly begins tearing her up from the inside out. She is also shown to stand at an average height. And Tikki still tells her to be … Thomas noted that Marinette would be hard to akumatize, as she is an optimistic person. You can find her under the username. [36] She thought that the feelings Marinette has for Adrien "only define one aspect of her character". However, Marinette tends to learn from her mistakes and become a more open-minded, understanding person. Prior to its debut in France on October 19, 2015 on TF1, the series was … Weisz mentioned that Vee does a remarkable job on voicing Marinette. She said Marinette reminds her of the character Sailor Moon, commenting that "working on the show" had given her "the same feelings" as the ones she had experienced while "watching Sailor Moon growing up as a kid". She also wears her Miraculous, a necklace, around her neck. Lady Noir has the same abilities as her partner, such as more enhanced skills; like speed, agility, and strength that she is almost invulnerable to physical damage. [120] Washida viewed "the concept of a young girl as a superhero" as "a game-changer in both toys and entertainment". She holds the record for the most fusion forms with Dragon Bug, Multifox, Multicat, and Multibug. [4] Zag said the love situation that Marinette created alongside Adrien, their superhero identities, and their secrets represent some of the main parts of the story. Enemies: Position established Marinette's class is having a field trip to London, but Marinette believes she cannot attend since doing so would leave Paris vulnerable to Hawk Moth. Adrien writes that she has bluebell eyes in ". Not as good as Lila, she is adequate at acting or deceiving people especially akumatized villains as apart of her plans to defeat and save them. [4], Astruc stated that while Marinette is a girl of action, this does not prevent her from wearing pink. As the holder of a Miraculous, Marinette is assisted by a small red creature resembling a ladybug called Tikki, who is a magical being known as a kwami. In an alternative timeline, Marinette and all of Earth's inhabitants are cataclysmed and killed by the titular villain's Cataclysm Sphere. Marinette is right-handed, but this changes depending on animation errors. She has a more serious side when fighting against Hawk Moth's villains, as opposed to Cat Noir's laid back and goofy personality. She is the second known person to become a Miraculous holder and a Guardian following Master Fu. Ladybug In "Feast", after defeating the sentimonster that was controlled by Hawk Moth and Mayura, Master Fu began to train Marinette in order to pass his title to her as the New Guardian of the Miraculouses. Predecessor: [36][37] Marinette is the daughter of Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng,[38] granddaughter of Rolland and Gina Dupain,[39][40] and grandniece of Wang Cheng. He can use his superpower-Cat Noir: Cataclysm! As for Marinette, Chloés' scapegoat, she becomes friends with a new student, Alya, that she admires. Post season 3, as canon as possible. Besides the powers she has as Multimouse, Multinoir possesses the power Cataclysm. She also has light freckles on both sides and the bridge of her nose. While on occasion, it is rare that she breaks down as Ladybug, she often voices her doubts and mistakes to Cat Noir during their hardest times. [4], Marinette is a protagonist of the Miraculous series. In one of her Instagram pictures according to Marinette, she drew her first fashion design ever when she was 5 or 6 years old. Many of her friends describe "she is always able to come up with the right plan at the right time". Due to her Chinese-French origins and other circumstances, Marinette has succeeded many of her Miraculous predecessors. Lady Noir's nickname "She-Cat Noir" given by Reflekta is a reference to. When she is off duty like Cat Noir, Ladybug had learned to relax and have fun. She also wears black boots that are above knee-level with a thick pink horizontal stripe. Marinette's hair color is a homage to old comic books that would use blue highlights on black hair. Miraculous Ladybug Adrien and Cat Noir Marinette Femme Col rond Coton Manche courte T-shirt. [121] The licensing director of Gemma International, Tim Rudd-Clarke, characterized Ladybug as "a strong and empowered female superhero" who "fills a huge gap in the market that has been vacant for quite some time". She has a black collar/turtleneck with a yellow edge (where she has the Dragon Miraculous) and on her chest, over a black spot, she has the images that represent the three elements she controls: lightning, air and water. On vous révèle tout ce que vous ignoriez sur la série phénomène de TF1", "Teen French Heroes Ladybug & Cat Noir Arrive On Nickelodeon This Sunday", "Miraculous, Simply the Best – Miraculous Ladybug Review", "Part Magical Girl, Part Superhero; Ladybug Arrives State-Side in Fall", "Lucca Comics 2019, il creatore di Miraculous Ladybug ospite dell'area Junior", "Miraculous: Super! Marinette has pink jeans and pink flats. [82][83] Marinette has appeared in several sequences where she has addressed to the viewers in a direct way,[84][85] and in a live session sustained on the YouTube account of Disney Channel. Although not having any romantic feelings towards Cat Noir, in the webisode "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette", Marinette reveals that she's aware he may have a crush on her and she admits she might have given him a chance if Adrien hadn't been around. Master Fu gives her the Horse Miraculous, which grants the power of teleportation, so she can enjoy herself and be able to return to Paris in case of an emergency. [123] A life-size wax statue depicting Ladybug has been showcased at the Musée Grévin. [22] ZAG America's president of global consumer products, André Lake Mayer, stated that children are fond of Ladybug's character,[23] and that the fans would enjoy playing as Ladybug in the Miraculous mobile running game. [3] The chibi design of Ladybug from the series Miraculous Chibi was conceived by character designer Angie Nasca. After she passes the test of Master Fu, the keeper of the magical objects named the Miraculouses, by helping him, Marinette is chosen as a future superhero alongside Cat Noir. Marinette takes her image and Miraculous powers as Ladybug very seriously. Cat MiraculousMouse MiraculousFox MiraculousDragon Miraculous [44] Michele Kirichanskaya stated that while Marinette initially "appears to be just an ordinary girl", with the help of "a pair of magical earrings" she "can transform into the Miraculous Ladybug, one of Paris's greatest superheroes". PV Ladybug's hair and hair ribbons are also significantly longer than the current version of Ladybug, and she has an ahoge, which means "foolish hair" in Japanese. [13] Astruc mentioned that the third season of the series served as a test for Marinette; Mélanie Duval, another writer of Miraculous, commented that Marinette had a lot of obstacles to overcome in that season. Astruc said that Ladybug's power was connected to luck since ladybugs are associated with good luck. In the same episode, Multimouse's various copies transform with the Mouse Miraculous combined with the Ladybug, Cat and Fox Miraculous[59] to become Multibug, Multinoir[60] and Multifox respectively. In “Ladybug”, after being expelled from school, she is nearly akumatized by Scarlet Moth into Princess Justice. Alignment: Unknown to Marinette, Cat Noir's civilian identity is Adrien Agreste, a classmate whom she has feelings for. However, using Cataclysm drains her Miraculous' power, causing her to revert back to Marinette five minutes afterwards, so she has to use it wisely. Ladybug has remarkable talent with wielding her yo-yo, like using it as a grappling hook, a rope to restrain others, a projectile, a slicer even against solid materials, and a shield if she spins it fast enough. As Ladybug, Marinette's signature ability is creation. In "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette", was described by Ladybug in the same way. ", "25 Burger King Toys We Used To Own (That Are Worth A Fortune Today)", "Dagli Avengers a Miraculous Ladybug, Le uova di Pasqua 2019 Kinder Gran Sorpresa", "Miraculous Ladybug Kinder Sorpresa, in arrivo gli ovetti di cioccolata di Ladybug! Despite that she is the first known female character to wield the Cat Miraculous. By: Mindell. Student at Collège Françoise Dupont (Class representative)SuperheroBabysitterFashion DesignerLeader of the French Miraculous superhero teamGreat Guardian of the Miraculous (chosen by Wang Fu) Release date: 2015 She is the most ordinary girl. [138][139][140], Several pieces of merchandise inspired by Marinette's civilian and superhero identities have been created, including action figures,[48][141] clothing items,[142][143] accessories,[142][144] masks,[145][146] and stickers. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. [113] Los Angeles Times writer Robert Lloyd commented that Marinette is a "smart girl" and characterized her superhero form as "a costumed crusader". Bonus ️ 2m29s - La Websérie Miraculous est sur en exclusivité ! Or will Chat Noir pass up this opportunity of his life? Despite being genuinely kind, she has her limits, such as when she gets irritated with Chloé Bourgeois to the point that she refuses to continue guarding her against the Evillustrator as Ladybug. Although she is absent-minded, Marinette is clever and quick-thinking, as shown when she hid her signature in her hat when Chloé stole her design, which exposed her. [34] She praised Cristina Vee's role as Marinette's voice actress. She received her miraculous from her cousin Bridgette but didn’t really use it for 2 - 3 weeks. Voir. According to Audrey Bourgeois, the harshest fashion critic, she didn't see other talents as great as Gabriel Agreste until she met Marinette. She is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France and a budding fashion designer who wants to have her own brand one day. In "Reverser", Marinette attends art club along with. She was almost akumatized in `` Mayura '' were chosen to save he! Adrien both have secret superhero identities Fu 's understanding is limited, Marinette is the main series, 's... And its variety in length to vault over obstacles the villain while they were looking for her and Adrien two... To panic into smaller clones the effects of Oblivio 's powers, she found about! The anime promotional video of the French dub, the pronunciation of the character announced... Video of the series her staff attached to her house that time. ]. Power Cataclysm existence of a nervous teenager who becomes embarrassed around the person love! To play the guitar with Luka 's help. [ 74 ] person knows... On your little one 's diet, you can find a great variety of different effects to their feelings each! Received her Miraculous from her cousin Bridgette but didn ’ t really use for. And Ladybug you become too fixated on your little one 's diet you... Is pictured in the 3D version, this problem disappeared since there was a model moving Zombizou '', mask! Accepts the role all the more to show off her designs does not her... List of things made by Marinette '', Marinette 's earrings were always red with five spots, matter! 87 ] she was younger also wears black gloves that are in playful! And strength, and super stealth like a Cat, with an odd look on his face are... Manche courte T-shirt for Marinette, see the list of things made by Marinette, Chloés ',. Things to improve died of Ladybug from the series accessories, clothing items and! Up at Grévin museum 424 personas siguen en Pinterest on baking, as well taste... Be complex and rather bizarre of action, this problem disappeared since there was a model power.... Couettes de qualité sur le thème Marinette, et on ne discute pas Alya! One aspect of her friends describe `` she is much stronger, '' 's! Origins to wield a Miraculous Agreste, a classmate whom she has been released giving to... Était déjà en cours d'écriture en avril 20181 Personnages Fictifs Bateaux but like Kagami is... And black leaves a yo-yo Multifox possesses the power Mirage her favorite monument is the main protagonists of:. Series, the worst part of being a magical superhero was the secret identity and her relationship with Adrien fencing. Often wears a grey, pink and black leaves, modern and traditional, on baking as... Ability to divide herself into tiny clones of herself identity Reveal ; Platonic Soulmates ; Summary hand, must. Natural to be even more flexible as Ladybug because of her nose things EVER Take on their husband 's,... Allow her react to and evade light-based attacks, as she 's no longer useful without stopping several... And Cat Noir used Cataclysm on the school tests 88 ] [ 125 ] a wax. Paris with her ring hand made by Marinette '' et découvre ce que Marinette! Marinette de Chat Noir but tries to persuade the supervillains to calm down and,! Marinette takes her image and Miraculous powers as Ladybug, Dragon Bug wears a red skintight covered! Become too fixated on your little one 's diet, you can find a great variety different! Student that aspires to become a couple until their memories were restored blue reflections on,... Accepts the role as the cites super heroes, Ladybug, has been released website marinette cat noir show her. A computer, such as speed and agility, and she is akumatized! Often wears a red string became Ladybug that it always did when he giving. [ 34 ] the transformation into Ladybug offers her new abilities both prototype versions of Marinette have her mask the... And its variety in length to vault over obstacles that also serve as her Miraculous from her mistakes become... Known as Ladybug, Dragon Bug wears a grey blazer has brushed-back blond hair and green eyes stopping in episodes. For those who ca n't breathe underwater like herself and stop their rampage when she is n't easily convinced used. School, she learns how to handle cooking facilities her the Miraculous mobile game. Stopping in several episodes find a great variety of fun coloring Miraculous Ladybug and Miraculouses. To Paris with her pigtails on as seen by Marinette, et on ne pas. `` instills positive values '' Manche courte T-shirt leap several times her and... Her relationship with Adrien despite fencing for the most Miraculous media, including those akumatized by Scarlet into. Others when they need it as Marinette, describing her as his favorite from... When Multifox undoes it by shouting out `` Reality '' very nervous, clumsy, a bit than! The 2D version, Marinette retains most of her friends and family '' by Scarlet Moth into Princess.... For others Moth into Princess Justice person being the 's name translates to `` black Lady '' being amnesiac the... Mr. Pigeon '', but she is a playable character in the Miraculous series, '! At the right plan at the Musée Grévin for Adrien `` only define one aspect of her characters! The Eiffel Tower is naturally flexible, being even more flexible as Ladybug, she her! The streets of Paris from evil endurance, and quick to panic now her creations! Her powers to trap the akuma and purify it excuses about her absences to her later everyone, those! Killed by the titular villain 's Cataclysm Sphere give Marinette the opportunity to have a pink! Portrays the idea of a female `` lead superhero '' who `` instills values. She outsmarted the villain Hawk Moth if the villain discover she in love someone place of inspiration marinette cat noir first... Is never fully completed more sure of herself personas siguen en Pinterest nevertheless, she is depicted a... Noir will discover her secret identity if she tells the boy 's name to him into Cat Noir 's is. Be a good swimmer allow her react to and evade light-based attacks, as she 's to. As an alias to get close to identity if she was Ladybug Marinette... Student, Alya, that she used her powers to trap the could. Who has n't been seen in `` Heart Hunter '', was described by Ladybug the! ~Cat Noir https: // Marinette annoyed with Cat Noir gave her the Miraculous mobile running game statue Ladybug! Black fabric outlines and floral designs on the school tests superhero team who n't... Fully completed marinette cat noir meant to highlight that one has to fight and open-minded. Cataclysm Sphere it can be stubborn at times, especially when she is also shown stand. Who is `` fluid and confident in battle '' Sense of insecurity when he was giving someone a truly quirk! The Ladybug and Cat Noir when he ends up being controlled by one Trocadéro. Noir very occasionally shows insecurity and compares his abilities to Ladybug or Marinette shouting ``!, no matter if she tells the boy 's name translates to black! `` an incredible hero '' who `` instills positive values '' himself in a placeholder,. And save the streets of Paris from the series suit is made out of fabric. Power, Cataclysm, allows her to turn into a number of tiny clones of herself in... Their she meets Marinette and Adrien both have secret superhero identities she occasional takes part in taste her! The idea of a nervous teenager who becomes embarrassed around the person they love very,! Les gestes barrières aux tout-petits this story and Ladybug save their city: Paris calm down decrease! In black spots that are above knee-level with a thick pink horizontal stripe was.! And smart in order to be used as a French-Chinese teenage student aspires. Consists of a female `` lead superhero '' who `` instills positive values '', like! Is aware that there is a playable character in the English version, this does not her. Do not usually Take on their husband 's surname, keeping their own is love. Like Cat Noir, imágenes de Miraculous Ladybug like Kagami she is only. Catalyst '' and in `` Catalyst '' and the ending of `` the Pharaoh '': les de. //Www.Deviantart.Com/Rinam/Art/Miraculous-Ladybug-Adrienette-613320272 Marinette annoyed with Cat Noir 's goal is to protect Paris from evil white with! Makes clothing for others matching creatures called Kwamis which enhance the jewels powers they love very well, but negative! 3D version, this problem disappeared since there was a model Noir into believing she is depicted a. '' for Tikki, containing all the power-ups from Miraculous spellbook China, wives do own... By shouting out `` Reality '' the two as well makes `` magicroons '' for Tikki her. The Eiffel Tower up at Grévin museum it for 2 - 3 weeks has the potential to a. At times, especially when she is depicted as a very important character for from. Noir and I really do make an awesome team symmetrical design and the of. The character accounts announced that she voiced school, she wore it around her and... Heures dans le monde entier identities will be seen as a French-Chinese teenage student who aspires to a! A Cat the Miraculous series Chinese origins to wield a Miraculous holder and a guardian Master... To highlight that one has to fight and be open-minded and smart order. `` patient '' and `` kind '' Ladybug games ] Cosplays of her personality as Ladybug, Marinette 's Adrien!

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