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lego death star numbered bags

His face print and hairpiece is identical to the one included in 75150: Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter.The death star troopers are very similar to the ones included in 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer from 2014. The superlaser control room was notoriously difficult to access on 10188 Death Star and I am pleased that this has been resolved for the new set as the superlaser can now rotate much further. Imho, the only great thing about this set was the detailed review! Great Review And I Will Hopefully Get This. And, an instruction book so big that it … I think a 6L bar would be more appropriate as these accessories look too much like lightsabers. Trash compactor 2. You can recreate another famous scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by opening the garbage chute cover and sending a minifigure into the trash compactor below. This TIE Advanced allows the new Darth Vader minifigure to sit inside despite the enormous size of the updated helmet which is quite impressive. Perhaps someday Lego will capitalize on this sort of opportunity and create a playable set that appeals to collectors as well. The only way I can see that happen is if I manage to sell my used but pristine 10188 for €450...I understand the suggestion for making it modular but I'm not sure that would be feasible. Anyway, thanks again for the review; I look forward to more! Amazingly detailed review of what I think is a well-designed set. Maybe I've been spoiled by TLG's recent (healthy) obsession with SNOT techniques. I like the figure very much in its present state but arm printing would have been welcome in order to differentiate this version of C-3PO from others based on the Original Trilogy, particularly since 5002948 C-3PO underwent the same treatment for his appearance in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens range last year. The Death Star … Tarkin's hairpiece is light grey in the DS set. Nevertheless, it is nice to see some variation between this set and 10188. Great review! Furthermore, the price of the set has increased enormously over 10188 Death Star. Too expensive. It is almost entirely hidden and the appearance of the turrets is therefore unspoiled, allowing the designer to focus on their accuracy to the movie. But nothing frustrated me more then this set. RonALL NEW?Grand Moff Tarkin - all NEW?Imperial Officer - all NEW?Imperial Navy Officer - all NEW?Imperial Astromech - all NEW?Death Star Droid - all NEW?Princess Leia - all NEW?MODIFIED?Han Solo - old design, body / head print with NEW hair?Han Solo (disguise) - old design, body / head print with NEW hair?Luke Skywalker (disguise) - old design, body with NEW head print?Luke Skywalker (Tatooine) - old design, body with NEW head print?Death Star Trooper -- old design, body with NEW head print?Emperor Palpatine - old design, body / head print with new cape?Darth Vader - old design, body / head print with NEW cape?Emperor's Royal Guard - old design, body / head print with NEW cape?NO CHANGE?Luke Skywalker (final duel) - old design, body / head print?Obi-Wan Kenobi - old design, body / head print?Death Star Gunner - old design, body / head print?Stormtropper - old design, body / head print?Chewbacca - old design, body / head print?C-3PO - old design, body / head print?R2-D2 - old design, body / head print? This can be pushed to close the walls or pulled to open them and the function works perfectly thanks to a basic Technic mechanism which is hardly visible unless you are looking at the model from beneath. The play value exceeds that of any other Star Wars set in my view and I also think the set looks quite impressive on display, although a fully enclosed design akin to 10143 Death Star II might be even better. I must admit I'm getting more and more concerned about the future of Lego and it pushing fans away... Great Review. LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Death Star Cannon Advanced Building Kit with Death Star Droid 75246. The size is 120cm x 75cmx 40cm and weighted over 10KG. His tousled hair looks splendid and I like the white tunic and belt which are printed on both sides of his torso. Sadly, way too expensive for me and most families. The lightsaber's blade doubles as the laser beam firing out of the Death Star. Yes, the price is quite significantly different. Use figures which have mostly been available in other sets, do some minor changes to the Death Star, and then increase the price by 25% or even more.The only thing "ultimate" about this set is the price. Unfortunately the lift platform sits far above the floor of this room and it is therefore quite difficult to load troops or cargo. I don't know of any resource that provides inventories by bag. The detention block is the most detailed area of the whole battle station and is packed with play features. I'm still surprised that Lego have said nothing on the completely global poor comments on this set and haven't come forward with any explanation.. Poor show Lego.. Although the figures are quite right and the price increase does appear to be above inflation, do the extra 213 pieces include those which go into the mini figures? Lego Death Star Drool. Han's torso is printed with a black vest on the front and back and this dark colour contrasts nicely with the dark blue of his legs. Slopes are used at the four corners of the door opening and these form at accurate shape in relation to the film. Just been looking at LEGO website the Death Star is listed at £439.99. IMO this thing is even worse than the UCS Hoth set, however the good news is that Lego has set the bar so low than anything they do now will be an improvement. Darth Vader's head has been revised on numerous occasions but this is my favourite yet and a similar level of detail covers the front of the torso. For a long term Set? I was incredibly excited to receive 10188 when I was younger and I can only imagine that this offering will prove similarly popular with new fans. This door is formed using a grey plate and some colourful Technic pieces which look rather strange given the otherwise uniform black colour scheme. Does anybody know how many 1-2-3 bags came in the first box? The last of the 25 minifigures is referred to as an Imperial Astromech Droid on the box. The same piece is used in 75150 Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter and I think the expressions are appropriate given Tarkin's personality. Back on the "I Want This" list. Bags & Purses Women's Clothing Dresses ... New Custom Lego Star Wars Death Star Final Duel Set ShopForBricks. ), as well as areas such as the Death Star … 399 GBP does seem expensive, so, no change. I really wonder how much better it would look if curved slopes were added to the walls. The TIE is completely different, and there are a couple of little details added here and there... some things seem strengthened or modified... but I don't see any MAJOR differences besides the minifigures. @ronvining - Yes, that list is correct, although most of the modifications are fairly minor. This is the parts inventory for the Death Star Set 10188. A couple of clear panels allow you to see the Technic mechanism which aims the superlaser and this is probably what the technicians at this control station are tasked with overseeing. LEGO. TLG releases so many sets nowadays. I have 10188 in a display case with a bunch of extra minifigures e.g. A gear allows you to operate this feature remotely and this is fairly well hidden as it could easily be mistaken for some simple greebling. Thank you. Surely the only people willing to pay this amount are those that are blissfully unaware of the previous price.

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