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homeworld ship steven universe

Era 2 ships, such as the Roaming Eye, are known to be more advanced than Era 1 ships. • G.A.L.S. Gems refer to their designated Diamonds as "My Diamond". After the events of "Change Your Mind", the Diamonds realized the error of their ways thanks to Steven, and completely dismantled Gem society. wassi. Peridot mentions Homeworld when she explains that Pearls such as Pearl herself are servants there. 1 Summary 2 Evidence 3 Conclusion 4 Additional Note 5 Confirmed Theory This theory is an attempt to shed light on the two seperate eras of Homeworld history which are marked by the changes to their Great Diamond Authority, as well as the actual names given by Homeworld Gems to reference these times. Some Era 2 Gems are given technological enhancements to make up for their inferior nature. Amethyst reveals that the Homeworld Gems created other Gems in a facility known as a Kindergarten. These rumors could have possibly originated on Homeworld. As Rose Quartz clutched Bismuth's gem behind her back, she knew she had a choice to make. Inhabitants In this society, the Diamonds ruled over Gemkind, which consisted of a variety of Gems, each assigned a different role based on their Gem-type according to the Caste System that was implemented. The sides of many buildings are dotted with dark, neatly-arranged holes. Similar to Fusion, shapeshifting was only to be allowed if it was to aid the Gem into fulfilling her purpose, such as a builder shapeshifting her hands into construction tools. At this point, it is currently residing in the Earth's core. The Homeworld Gems then r… Steven explores various locations on Homeworld such as Blue's pool and Yellow Diamond's extraction chambers. This may or may not limit newer generation Gems to have weapons or even fuse. In an Alternate Reality where Homeworld comes 13 years earlier than canon. The still pristine Gem Colony Ships descend onto an unknown planet for colonization. Unfortunately, without her Flask Robonoids, she was unable to repair it completely. White Diamond's ship is surrounded by colorful structures; the atmosphere is pinkish white at the bottom and sky blue at the top, as opposed to the usual night sky with stars last seen in "Steven Universe: The Movie" and Blue and Yellow Diamond's ship are nowhere to be seen, but when they travel to the Earth on "I Am My Monster" they can be seen. Pedestals protru… In contrast to earlier Gem technology, which is notably rock- and light-based, some recent Homeworld innovations have seemingly electrical and plastic components, such as destabilizers or robonoids. Jungle Moon: Jungle Moon Base The records are known to contain hundreds of years of reports cataloging the Rebellion which Peridot has read up on. They exerted total control over the Gem Homeworld, with each Diamond responsible for specific tasks. Please try again. After bringing Lars back to life, Steven discovers that Lars' hair now works as a portal to Earth by virtue of being connected to Lion's Dimension. Country ... Steven Universe - The Homeworld Gems. Through her drawings, Nephrite tells Steven and the gems that her crew has been waiting for her in the ship located in Pangea (Steven Universe's South America.) Deep, dark pits lead down into the planet's abandoned surface. Over the past 5,000 years, the Homeworld Gems have developed advanced technology unfamiliar to the earthbound Crystal Gems. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Homeworld in its entirety was shown for the first time in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", where the planet is shown to be a shattered ringworld. Unfortunately I cannot fit all gems in the quiz. Lars insists Steven return, however, eventually convincing him to reluctantly go back home to Earth., Empire City Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Temple of the Frozen Fragment and Scorching Shard,, Beach City (Beach House • Crystal Temple) • the Desert •, Ancient Sky Arena • Astral Plane • the Barn • Beach City (Beach City Woods • Beach House • Crystal Temple) • the Forge • Gem Battlefield • the Great North • Hessonite's Warship • Secret Temple of Secrets, Abandoned Ward • Arcane Acropolis • the Barn • Beach City (Beach City Woods) • Buried Bastion • Delta Kindergarten • Forgotten Forest • Library 9, Faster-Than-Light Communication Technology, Warships (equipped with powerful beam weapons and destabilizer containment fields), Homeworld invaded Earth and established the Kindergarten about 6,000 years prior. Peridot calls it "an insult to your intended form." "Friend Ship" At the front of the dropship, there is a triangular entrance. The Ancient Gem Colony Ship looks similar to a flying saucerand is made of a dull gray, stone-like material with three legs (most likely deployed as landing struts to aid in landing the ship). Homeworld was a warlike, inhumane society bent on spreading Gems across the universe at any cost, including wiping out organic life. At the front of the dropship, there is a triangular entrance. Steven Universe: Alternate Realities Science Fiction. Steven Universe - The Fusions $ 15.00. Nadia Baloch. Other: Abandoned Warehouse • Beach City Pier • Beach City Stage • Beach City Woods • Brooding Hill • Dead Man's Mouth • Lighthouse • Mayor's Office • Underwater Sword • Water Tower, Other: Cram School • Cool Ranch • Hospital • Space Camp • Starlight Roller Rink, Earth's Moon: Earth Moon Base Richmond Rex Parakhen is raising funds for Homeworld Gallery Steven Universe "Crystal Jams" Vinyl Toy on Kickstarter! A Roaming Eye ship is sent to Earth from Homeworld with five Ruby soldiers inside. The architecture is geometrical, with many of the buildings taking the forms of crystalline structures or inverted pyramids. Homeworld's environment is similar to the sci-fi futuristic world of Studio Ghibli's animated music video ". White's Ship is in front of the warp pad that Steven arrives in, situated in the pink section of the big diamond emblem that Homeworld Gems were standing in when the Crystal Gems; accompanied by Yellow and Blue Diamond, arrived at Homeworld in "Legs From Here To Homeworld". Lars and Steven flee from a Shattering Robonoid until they encounter the Rutile Twins, who help them find their way through an abandoned Homeworld Kindergarten and meet the other Off Colors: Padparadscha, Rhodonite, and Fluorite. Steven universe AU ask blog steven universe ask blog answered ask ask Steven universe Fusion Homeworld Steven Universe Homeworld Homeworld SU SU SU AU SU Fusion 34 notes Jan 2nd, 2021 Location To compensate, Homeworld Gems manufactured Gems with fewer abilities to continue Gem production on Homeworld. Steven was happy because for the first time he was visiting his mother's home planet and could see his aunts and grandmother. One of these landmarks was the Kindergarten, a "breeding ground" for creating Gems. According to Lapis Lazuli, it had become even more advanced since the Rebellion to the point of being unrecognizable when compared with the time that Lapis left, now possessing further technological achievements such as the Gem Warship and Gem Destabilizers. Kushan Mothership; Destroyer (Kushan) Khar-Toba; Heavy Cruiser (Kushan) (Explorer Gal) • G.U.Y.S. Homeworld. Information The Gem Warship, transporting Jasper, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli, is dispatched to Earth from Homeworld. The glossy surface of the planet is the dense cityscape carved into its natural surface. Jasper calls it "reshaping yourself outside your purpose.". Get shipping cost. Gem Homeworld: Blue Diamond's Onsen • Kindergarten • Pink Diamond's Palace • Prison Tower • Throne Room • Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber • Yellow Diamond's Bubble Room The beginning of Era 3 was celebrated with a large ball (in "Together Alone"). We are the homeworld gems (steven universe parody AlexAnimationsGrim) - New All New. Next, the Diamonds dismantled their armies and ceased colonization of other planets. The ship has some controversy due to Pearl's status on Homeworld and especially in light of the reveal that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. Above the planet's surface are layers of dense, artificial infrastructure. Enjoy! There was a problem calculating your shipping. 6,000 years before the events of the series, Gems came to Earth and spread their influence to it, creating Gem landmarks and monuments. The dropships come in the color that matches their commanding Diamond. Fusion only had one purpose in Homeworld society, and that was to be used as weapons during times of conflict, otherwise, their existence would be considered purposeless and useless. Finally, Gems are now free to live wherever they please in the universe; Homeworld, Gem colonies, Earth, or anywhere else. The Ruby known as "Leggy" is quite young and could be presumed as Era 2. Category page. RELATED: Steven Universe: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes According To IMDb. A Peridot with a Pearl servant is unheard of on Homeworld since Pearls are considered a luxury for higher classes like the Diamonds, as seen in "The Answer". Homeworld All ships (generally spaceships or starships) from the Homeworld universe.. Trending pages. It is proven true in "The Answer" by how the members of Blue Diamond's court reacted to Ruby and Sapphire fusing for the first time, finding the fusion between two different Gems abhorrent. The systems differ regarding the angles between faces and in some edges of equal length on each face. In an unknown amount of time later, it was shut down by Pink Diamond, now in the persona of Rose Quartz, and her followers. ... (RUS SUB)We Are The Homeworld Gems (Steven Universe … Please, don't put up a fight, it'll only lead to devastation! At the end of the episode, Stevonnie is thrown into the Prison Tower. Cross-Gem fusions, such as a Ruby and a Sapphire, were considered disgraceful and always resulted in a punishment. Garnet points out Homeworld in the night sky and reveals that it is in another galaxy of its own, instead of the Milky Way. However, similar to fusion, shapeshifting most likely does have a useful purpose for Homeworld for Era 1 Gems to be given this power in the first place. Steven uses his mind powers to get help from the other Crystal Gems while still stuck in the Prison Tower. During this period, resources were abundant on Homeworld and the Diamonds expanded their Empire across the galaxy. Deviation from a Gems' given purpose resulted in punishment, which could sometimes escalate to shattering (the destruction of a Gem). Resources are dwindling on Homeworld. She could hide her from everyone, let everyone think Homeworld had taken her in a battle, or she could tell the truth. Steven and the gems haven't experienced the terrors of Homeworld besides when they went to the gem zoo, but they are forced to when Homeworld … The only official work produced in the Homeworld Universe is that of the games and the material associated with them (i.e., strategy guides and manuals). In addition, the records state that Pink Diamond was shattered outside of her own palanquin. In the episode "The Answer", Garnet (the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire) reveals to Steven how Ruby and Sapphire met: Homeworld gems were in the process of colonizing Earth but the The Crystal Gemswere determined to halt the process during 'The Rebellion'. Homeworld is also technologically advanced, achieving intergalactic travel thousands of years before the beginning of the events of the series. Off Colors: Sun Incinerator • Star Skipper. It is currently unknown what kind of catastrophic event has caused the planet to be shattered to the degree shown. Gems reshaping themselves outside their respective purpose was considered an insult to the Gem's intended form. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is supported by Jasper's comments on Garnet during both "The Return" and "Jail Break". In "Log Date 7 15 2", it is shown that Homeworld's galaxy can be seen with the naked eye from Earth. The Rubies reveal that Homeworld Gems have to write up reports after completing missions, hinted at by Peridot when she had her Limb Enhancers. She contacted the Gems with technology that could communicate with the Wailing Stone, but only with help from Greg. While on the moon retrieving vital information on the Cluster, Peridot explains that Gem physiology is designed for the express purpose of aiding Homeworld's interstellar conquering. In "Steven Universe: The Movie", the ship is seen back in its docking bay on Homeworld. After Steven's intervention in the episode "Change Your Mind," the once totalitarian rulers began to … In this society, the Diamonds ruled over Gemkind, which consisted of a variety of Gems, each assigned a different role based on their Gem-type according to the Caste System that was implemented. They land in a green docking area, where the Topazes take Steven and Lars to different areas. Homeworld Dropships provide Gems the ability for interstellar travel to invade or establish a new Gem colony on foreign planets. Every Gem is made with a purpose: To serve the Order of the Diamonds. For instance, Pearls were servants and considered to be lower-ranking Gems, while the Diamonds were the highest-ranking Gems. Although the color may be a factor, it is currently unknown how gems are specifically distributed between the courts of each Diamond. I can't even understand it! An Ancient Gem Colony Ship is visited by the Crystal Gems during their pursuit of Peridot. They are flown by crews of Nephrites. For instance, Pear… Peridot reveals in "Back to the Barn" that Homeworld is a caste society. Any Gem who, in any way, digresses from their role, be it intentional or not, would be considered defective. The only case seen so far was when Steven (posing as Rose Quartz) was tried in front of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, acting as both judges and plaintiffs, with a Zircon being Steven's defense lawyer and another Zircon as the prosecutor of the case. Appearances The accusing party, called the plaintiff, assigns a prosecutor to present the case against the accused and convict the defendant. Every Gem had a purpose in Homeworld's society. All Gems were expected to follow the rules enforced by the Great Diamond Authority. Homeworld forces placed Lapis into a mirror and asked her where the Crystal Gems' base and their leader was, but Lapis did not have the answers. "Eyeball" tells Steven that she heard rumors that there could still be Crystal Gems (including Rose Quartz) on Earth. It is revealed that Nephrite was the captain of a squadron sent from Homeworld to Earth during the Rebellion in an Ancient Gem Colony Ship, alongside her crew, by an unknown Gem commander. 1–2 weeks. Pearl mentions that the Galaxy Warp once served as a method of transport directly between Homeworld and Earth via the now inactive Homeworld Warp Pad. Meanwhile, Steven, Amethyst and Pearl overpower Peridot (Shelby Rabara) and take control of the ship. All picture credits to the show Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar. Interestingly, "Crystal Systems" are the classifications of gemstone structures, of which there are seven, each having characteristic shapes. Such ships were the fastest way to travel between Earth and Homeworld before the building of the Warp Pads. The higher up on the Caste System a Gem was, the more privileges and responsibilities they had. It was created and has been maintained by Relic Forums user Arioch and comprises of information on all the official ships in the Homeworld universe.. One such experiment is the Cluster, composed of millions of Gem Shards. They can't make Gems like they used to. Realizing that their previous ways of ruling Gemkind were immoral, the Diamonds first disposed of the Caste System so that all Gems are equal; any Gem is free to live the life they want without fear of persecution and punishment. For months after they became roommates, they created art together and watched TV. In "Log Date 7 15 2", Garnet mentioned that the Gem Homeworld is not located in the Milky Way Galaxy, where Earth resides, but in a separate galaxy still visible from Earth. Information It is later revealed by Peridot that she was sent on a mission from Homeward to Earth to report progress on the emergence of the Cluster. After hearing both sides' cases, the judges decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty and, if they are guilty, how and what will be the appropriate charge or sentence. "Mirror Gem" (mentioned)"The Trial" (official debut). Garnet tells Bismuth that the Gems on Homeworld outnumber the Crystal Gems by a huge amount. Peridot is then defeated and temporarily bubbled by the Crystal Gems until Steven unbubbles her in an attempt to find out more about Peridot's real mission on Earth. Translucent tubes connect many of the buildings, entering through these holes. Steven universe parody - We are the homeworld gems. She was poofed, picked up by a Homeworld soldier, and mistaken for a Crystal Gem. The ship was utilized by Peridot and Jasper to head back to Homeworld with the imprisoned Crystal Gems and Lapis Lazuli. Homeworld is shown at the start of the movie when White, Blue, and Yellow try to convince Steven to stay there in the palace with them. Gem Homeworld Joe Johnston also points out that Era 1 architecture is based on Art Deco with Roman columns. Pearl reveals that Homeworld does, indeed, have an atmosphere in "Legs From Here to Homeworld". (Dave Guy • Ranger Guy) On numerous occasions, it has been stated that Homeworld has records cataloging different events in Gem history and facts about locations. Throughout the entire episode, the ship remains in orbit. After helping her warp there, Steven finds that there are indeed other corrupted Nephrites, and begs Garnet to let them all remain unbubbled. Homeworld Gems Steven and Connie get ready to set sail for Homeworld. Two sets of dark blue rings surround the planet, where its rocky chunks are still held relatively close together by gravity. In "It Could've Been Great", Peridot reveals that Homeworld is an imperialistic society, with several planets under their control. [1], Era 2 began with the alleged shattering of Pink Diamond. "Legs from Here to Homeworld" is the 25th episode of the fifth season of the American animated television series Steven Universe, and the 153rd episode of the series overall. The Homeworld Warp Pad is repaired by her Flask Robonoids for Peridot to perform a maintenance check. According to her, Homeworld eventually no longer saw the Earth as a viable colony and decided to use it for experimentation, apparently several centuries ago. Because there are so many of one type of Gem, the Homeworld Gems — except the Diamonds — distinguished themselves via coded serial numbers. Because we... don't have powers. Those who cannot fit inside this order must be purged! As shown in "Off Colors", there appears to be water on Homeworld, seen dripping from the ceiling of the cave where Steven and Lars met the Rutile Twins. When Lars proposes Steven and the Off Colors go to Earth while he stays behind, the Off Colors refuse because they do not want to leave Lars alone. Garnet and Jasper's battle destroys the ship's power core, causing the ship to crash-land onto Earth as Peridot flees in an escape pod. Depending on the severity of a broken rule, a Gem could've faced a number of punishments. “ With this last suitcase we set up the ship “ Unlike the Era 2 Gem ships shown in the show, which have a very sleek metal look, the Dropships appear to be made mostly from stone. Homeworld Shipyards homepage. Blue Diamond tells Steven about how he escaped Homeworld and crawled back to his home planet, Earth. According to Joe Johnston, Pearls are specially made for their owners and they are "programmed" to follow the orders of their masters. Homeworld is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Studios on September 28, 1999, for Microsoft Windows.Set in space, the science fiction game follows the Kushan exiles of the planet Kharak after their home planet is destroyed by the Taiidan Empire in retaliation for developing hyperspace jump technology. Debut Try to get to a new ship and get back to Homeworld! Homeworld's Galaxy The Gem Homeworld is mentioned by name, and Peridot warps to Earth from there. However, since the caste system has been dismantled these occupations can presumably now be filled by any Gem.

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